Step 1: We Shoot

We work with your team to put together a custom content plan based off of the goals of your practice as well as our keyword research. 

We find a weekend that is convenient for your team and schedule a shoot. You will be responsible for scheduling all patients that you would like to have us interview.

Our creative director and videographers will fly out to your practice for a two-day shoot. We get all of the footage we need in order to create enough videos for at least six months.

Step 2: We Edit

Our team of editors takes the raw footage from our shoot and creates fun, engaging, informative videos for your practice. 

We will also take audio clips from our interviews and use those to create audio ads that can be used on podcasting platforms.

Step 3: We Distribute

Our creative team sends the videos to our advertising team, who then create a series of highly targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in order to share the videos with your local market.

If needed, we will work with your team to set up all necessary ad accounts and back-end tracking measurements.

We will then create ad campaigns targeting audiences specific to people with interests in dentistry and individual dental services. We will also create remarketing ad sequences that create multiple touch points with individual people who view our videos.

Step 4: We Analyze and Correct Course

What we do is a long-term play. It requires a consistent commitment to the creation and distribution of new content. We will continually test, monitor and correct our ad campaigns to make adjustments in accordance with what is working and what isn’t.

And of course, we will work to create new content and new campaigns that will generate Attention for your practice.