Patient Acquisition Follows Attention

Ready to grow your practice?

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Why Attention?

Because if you don’t capture the attention of your local market, your practice will never grow.

Why Video?

Because videos are the best way to share your story, capture people’s attention and humanize your dental practice. 

Studies have proven that:


is the amount of video content that represents all of internet traffic.

Visual content is processed

times faster
than text.

Organic Facebook
is highest on posts
with videos.


The amount consumers
prefer to watch a video
about a product than
read about it .

Videos are

times more likely to rank on the first page of Google than text results.

Videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined


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Client Testimonials

“Marketing isn’t about compelling creative BS that doesn’t get your phone to ring. The best Marketing is the One that actually works to increase your business. you can either craft a compelling message and let the message do the work or indiscriminately spend your cash trying to push out a message that has no meaning. Nathan understands this and strategically utilizes your money to make it actually work to grow your practice.”


Dr. Craig Spodak, Owner — Spodak Dental Group

"In my 20 years - I’ve worked with hundreds of people who are “marketers." Most are just modern day charlatans. Nathan has a complex understanding PPC marketing of how to get new patients in our dental chair - for the lowest acquisition price”


Dr. Peter Boulden, Owner — Atlanta Dental Spa

Nate, Thanks for the update. Love the video's you send. It's much a great way to do it from a business and client perspective. Mainly b/c I can watch it on my own time. Anyways, incredible results! Wow. That's just amazing. So lately I've two patinets that sick out inmy mind that when they met me for the first time acted like they alreary knew me. One said, "Hey Dr. Miller, so nice to finally meet you." It was great because they acted excited to meet me. So cool. Nice work man! I'll get my team to get back on the watch out for a few more raving fan patients for video's. I'll report back when i have a few, it;s going to take a month or so. I'm on it though. I'll see what I can do from a "smile reval" vodeo's too.

Hey Nate, Thanks for the update and all of the metrics,, things are working really well on our end in terms of NPT's. We are sitting at around 70 NTP's per month,, that's up from around 58-60 since the inception of the video program. In addition to the overall numbers being up, the quality of the NTP's are much better than in the past. So we are thrilled with your performance, I know we were striving to get to 85 NTP's/month and we are trending toward that target. I'd just recommend that we keep moving along as we discussed in the past, the marketing expense is well within normal range on our P & L so keep pushing forward with the additional spend you referenced. Thanks again for all your help and direction! Pleasure working with you! Jim

Video Testimonials

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